Hemanta-Bhupendra Connection: Melody of the abandoned roads

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By Team TJC | 26 July, 2020

Legendary singer, music director, producer and filmmaker Hemanta Kumar Mukherjee, Popularly known as Hemant Kumar was born in Varanasi on June 16, 1920.

Dr. Bhupen Hazarika and Hemanta Mukherjee indulging in their legendary adda

With an unmatched golden voice, Hemant Kumar was one of the leading singers of India in those days. Once he was approached by Dr Bhupen Hazarika, another legend who was making his first film. Hemanta Babu sang two very popular songs in this Assamese classic – ‘Era Bator Sur’ released in 1956 under the music direction of Bhupen Da.

Melody Of The Abandoned Roads

In the film, the famous duet ‘Gum Gum Meghe Gorojile’ was sung by Mukherjee along with Dr. Bhupen Hazarika. The song is about sailors who keep on sailing amidst lighting and thunderstorm, depicting a deep philosophy of life.

Also from the same film is the song ‘Rod Puwabor Karone Matibanu Kaak’, where Bhupen Da & Hemanta Da were joined by none other than the legendary Lata Mangeshkar ji. This song has attained the status of a classic and is one of the soulful compositions in Assamese music.

Both songs have remained popular and are evergreen in the history of Assamese cinema. In his remarkable career Hemanta Mukherjee sang many golden songs, but these two assamese songs by the stalwart will continue to mesmerise the people of Assam especially as memories of these two all time greats are attached with it.

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